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99% Efficiency Heat Exchangers
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What is X-Flow?

X-flow is a state-of-the-art fresh water ultra-tank produced by Calpak, which is able to achieve 99% heat exchange efficiency using patented  heat transfer technology. This extremely high efficiency can allow the user to save 25% of their energy usage when compared to conventional tanks.

All water supply sources are applicable for the X-flow tank whether using boilers, heat pumps or solar water heaters or anything other hot water source. Using an advanced counter-flow mechanism, X-flow is able to achieve an impressive temperature difference of only 1°C at the outlet of the tank. This minimizes the energy waste and allows you to save on energy costs.

X-flow is available in multiple tank capacities of 500L up to 2000L, and is capable of handling outflows of 1500 L/h, 3000 L/h and 4500 L/h.

Benefits of X-Flow


•99% energy efficiency of the fresh water heat exchanger

•Minimum temperature drop between input and output (Δt= 1°C)

•Protects against the development of the Legionella bacteria

•Highly durable with a very long lifespan

•Minimal maintenance costs

•Energy and cost saving

•Easy installation and replacement of existing tank

•Suitable for residential and commercial projects as well as hotels


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