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Hot Water Tank :

1. Thick insulation of the tank with expanded PU to have minimum heat losses.
2. Double jacket heat exchanger for protection against
Corrosion and Scale.
3. Special design of the tank perfectly adopted to the high
quality inner corrosion protection.
4. Absolute inner corrosion protection and assured hygiene
with Direct Enameling + 10% titanium according to DIN
4753 (baked at 850 Degrees Celsius) and magnesium bar cathodic protection.

Collector :

5. Advanced technology sandwich absorbers takes advantage of the maximum amount of solar energy.
6. Special insulation at the back and sides with thick
Environmental friendly Poly Urethane.
7. Low –iron tempered glass.
8. Permanently sealed with two EPDM gaskets, silicon foam
and aluminum clip.
9. High durability anodized aluminum frame specially designed to allow maximum insulation, humidity protections and robustness.
10. German Solar Keymark certified (the only European Certificate which certifies efficiency and durability).

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